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The first thing people think of when they hear the word “coin” is that round metal object that is used as change to insert in coin slots for laundry and vending machines. Coins are basically money for normal citizens and is somehow limited to the perspective that coins serve only that purpose. Little do other people know that coins, back in the early days, were special in a way that they served as representations of different eras through their evolution and served as identification from where they were from such as pirate coins.Until now people called coin collectors continue to locate and collect old coins to add to their collections but the use of coins shouldn’t be limited with that use.

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Now that you know how valuable coins are, you are now ready to appreciate their worth and understand how they could create special coins of your own using www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com. Through this website, customers will be able to make new coins and transform them to be as precious as old coins. The website www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com is home to the creation of custom-made coins that are made to the customer’s liking. We deliver top quality products with a reasonable price and the best customer service that people can get anywhere.

Our coins are made to order and created specifically for the customer’s design and any design they could think of is welcome and rest assured to be made with the highest quality possible.

Our products are made with diamond cut edges, translucent enamel, custom packaging, sequential numbers, antique finishing, display cases and duo-tone metals set to create a high quality product. It also very advantageous to our customers because they could easily access our website to order in the comforts of their own homes. We assure our customers that they will be able to receive a quote of their order within twenty-four hours or less after order has been made so we could start with their orders earlier and deliver it earlier. If our customers are not sure of what design to give us, we offer free design, artwork and revision so that they would receive the coin design exactly how they wanted it to be. Custom-made coins are delivered as early as fourteen to seventeen days after the approval of the final design. Access to www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com makes everything about custom made coins ordering hassle free.

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The www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com has been able to produce custom coins for all the branches of the US military and they could assure that this is the best website for the business. We have also made police coins for different departments. These coins were specifically made for representation of specific units such as detectives, bomb disposal, S.W.A.T. teams, major crimes and other teams. We also have designs and products for fire department coins made by the best graphic artists and corporate coins that showcase elegance and style using the corporate logo. We have a sterling reputation for the best quality, on-time delivery and reasonable prices. We also offer a full range of options to choose from if ever our customers want to recreate coins or just simply have a similar coin with their colleagues. As you can see, we are very flexible in terms of the design of our coins coupled with incomparable quality.

Our company has been creating custom made coins for different departments, corporations and individual citizens. We try our best to give our customers their money’s worth within a reasonable amount of time. We also give them the best customer service they could find in any website in the world wide web because we are fully aware of the importance of our customers as being the bloodline of our trade. As ways of giving back to our customers, we offer all types of freebies such as free shipping to the United States, free artwork and design and free color matching.

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We also offer free unlimited revisions for the design and we won’t stop until our customer is satisfied with the order and design of the coin he wishes to own. ChallengeCoins4Less is a dedicated company that is true, competitive and hardworking in its field of production and we make sure that all our products are made with the best materials in the market and with the best craftsmanship that a worker could give. Our brand is an established and reputed brand in the coin-making industry and so, we guarantee that you won’t regret availing or our services.

Markings of a True and Reliable SEO Services Firm

SEO services already proved their worth, and prudent business owners know that they can leave their rivals a mile behind if they have true and reliable SEO firm to provide their needs.  The sad truth is that not all SEO firms can deliver the things that they promise to deliver, and the client could do nothing but accept his fate in the hands of an unreliable provider.  What can you do to avoid the same fate as the unfortunate client?

You need to conduct your own research and investigation to determine the capability and dependability of your target SEO firm – even if it is recommended by someone you trust.  Understand that reliable and trustworthy SEO firms do not commit promises, such as putting your business website on the top of the search list in a few days, but will give you an accurate view of what could happen.

They will discuss possible scenarios to expect when they use certain SEO strategy or service to drive traffic to your site with possible conversions.  They will tell you a realistic view, and the things they need to do in order to deliver favorable results.

Before getting the full benefits of SEO, you need to find an SEO services company that you can trust.  Take a look at the markings of a reliable SEO firm that you need to consider before sealing the deal.

Not Mere Middlemen

seo firmThere are SEO firms that claim they have a team of specialists who can help the clients when there’s trouble.  These firms should be able to show proof that they are ready to assist the clients in case some problems occur regarding their clients’ matters.  SEO firms that need some time to respond to a client’s distress call may not have a “team of specialist” at all.  It is only logical to think that they may not be a real SEO firm.  They could be mere middlemen who know a good SEO specialist.

Middlemen don’t have a legit SEO specialist team of their own.  They usually work on a commission basis.  They lure unsuspecting clients into their web of lies, and trap them.  They offer good things that the client won’t be able to refuse, to the point that the client could only agree when they tell him that they need time to respond to his query or call for help.  Every client should quickly re-consider when he hears that he won’t get immediate response in case of an emergency.

Most of the time, these middlemen can deliver what their clients need, partly because they are confident that their contact professional SEO service firm can do everything.  However, when there’s a problem it is impossible to rely on them for a quick solution.  They need time to convey the problem to their contact SEO firm for the solution.  Once they have the answer then that would be the only time for them to fix the problem.

On the other hand, it is okay to deal with middlemen if they (and their contact SEO firm) can give the things that the client needs as long as they can guarantee that he won’t encounter any problem in the future.

Always Ready to Give Immediate Help

SEO-services-companyA good SEO firm must be able to extend immediate help concerning the SEO matters of their client.  Businessmen value time so much, and a slight delay can hurt their business.  The professional SEO service firm must be able to provide a number of ways where a client can contact them in case of emergency – text messages, online support, toll free number, email, live chat, and other available means.  They must be able to show proof that they can give immediate response within the day.

Must be able to Show an Impressive Track Record

track recordThere are many SEO firms out there, and only a few can show proof that they have an impressive track record.  The client should ask for the SEO firm’s portfolio and a list of their past projects and clients.  Remove the SEO services company, from your list, that refuses to show or couldn’t show any proof of their work.  It also helps to read the reviews from past clients to know more about the quality of work of the SEO firm.

High Quality Work at a Reasonable Price

A reasonable price means that the client pays for something worthy of the actual price of the service or something more worthy.  There are people who equate reasonable price to cheap price, and some regard it as something expensive.


There are providers who charge what others consider as a high price, but will give the client the results he asked for, and some extras that he will surely be thankful for.  In the long run, the client can actually save a lot of money.  The client got a fair deal at what others consider as a cheap price after a long period of time.  The important thing is that the client gets high quality services that are right for the price.

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Mobile phones have gone a long way. After all, they were considered a breakthrough decades ago simply because they eliminated the need for telephone wires! Now, mobile phones went up the next level, as they already function as mini computers. What’s even more amazing is that today’s mobiles don’t rely so much on physical buttons – navigation is mainly done by touching the screen. Many years ago, that was merely science fiction. Mobile phones aren’t merely capable of making calls and sending messages, they can capture photos, record videos, play music, surf the internet, read fingerprints, and even measure heart rates! No wonder mobile phones are now called smart phones.


What makes these phones smart? The answer lies in the printed circuit board. The printed circuit board is essentially the backbone of every Smartphone in existence. Even the phone’s A8 chip or Samsung’s Eryngoes 7420 chipset will be rendered useless if not properly attached to a printed circuit board. If you’re wondering what the PCB looks like, you’ll be surprised that it’s the green or blue board found inside a Smartphone and in all other electronic communications devices. It’s where all the other components are attached to, which is why PCBs from different devices don’t look the same.

How relevant then is the printed circuit board for a smart phone? Being the one that connects every other component, the printed circuit board is expected to contain or process all the necessary electronics and algorithms for the handset to function. When the first mobile phone was invented, it was only designed to make calls, which means its printed circuit board has the electronic components necessary for making calls. Still, the printed circuit board can be altered depending on the design of the Smartphone. Flip or slide phones usually use a flexible printed circuit board.

The conductors on a flexible printed circuit board are usually bonded to a thin dielectric film. With the demand for slimmer phones, Smartphone companies not only compete in terms of software features but also in style, appearance, size, weight, and battery life. Slimmer phones require slim PCBs, more advanced software requires complex electric circuits and may take up a lot of space, yet printed circuit boards are able to meet expectations when it comes to both software and the hardware.

How does the printed circuit board meet such qualifications? One innovation that made it possible is the HDI or High Density Interconnect PCBs. HDIs are slimmer than normal printed circuit boards, yet are much dense and can support more functions per unit area. These cutting-edge PCBs are characterized by finer lines and spaces, smaller vias, and more compact capture pads.

Today, it’s possible to shrink an 8-layer printed circuit board down to a 4-layer HDI PCB. Of course, the latter can still achieve the same (or better) functions compared to a traditional printed circuit board. Reducing the printed circuit boards layers also helps reduce the overall cost of the product, which is an advantage for consumers.

Compared to the traditional printed circuit board, HDI PCB has higher speed, performance, and frequency. That is the reason why smart phones aren’t the only ones equipped with the latest PCBs, as many portable computers, game consoles, wearable’s, and personal digital assistants also rely on those crucial components.

No one can stop technology from progressing, which makes engineers face more problems when coming up with new printed circuit board designs. Perhaps early involvement in the design process would be helpful to arrive at the best solution. But no matter what the future unfolds, you can expect that printed circuit boards will continue to develop beyond HDI. Who knows, in the near future, you might even see printed circuit boards in never-before- seen shapes.

5 Reasons Why Custom Lanyards Would Make Great Corporate Give Away

Whether it’s Thanks giving or the Christmas holidays, custom lanyards would make great gifts or tokens to your loyal clients and patrons. Here are five reasons why.

1. Custom lanyards are highly personalized.

custom lanyardsYou can design your lanyards in such a way that clients would see your personal touch on each one of them.They would appreciate how you have taken the time and effort to make individualized gifts for them. One could just buy anything ready-made from any store.However, a customized gift just seems more special. It relays the message that the business owner appreciates the client’s patronage of his goods and/or services. It sends the messagethat your company values your clients. This in turn, would make the clients patronize your business more. It’s a win-win solution for both parties.

2. Affordable.

Although you want the best for your clients, you also want value for your money. Custom lanyards are easy on the pocket butstill very effective in making the clients know that they are valued. The prices of lanyards would vary according to the following factors:

a. Quantity of order –

As the case in most trading, the more the order, the cheaper the price. Ordersusually starts at 100 piecesandgohave as much as 5000 pieces. Here’s a tip:since custom lanyards are not perishable, it would be best to order in bulk. You could always store the excess and ordering in bulk would save a lot of money in the long run. It would actually cost you more when you order in smallbatches.

b. Type of prints –

All lanyard prints are supposed to be fade-proof. However, not all prints look the same. Some look better than others. There are types of prints that could cater to special characters,somewouldeven contain photos. You can choose from different printing methods, from hot stamping, screen printing, embossed, full color, laser, fabric woven prints, and dye sublimated.

c. Materials of the lanyards –

Lanyards also come in different materials. They could be made out of polyester, nylon cord, or cotton.

d. Time of delivery–

Lanyard companies usually require two weeks from placement of job order to delivery. However, if it is a rush job, they could deliver earlier but it would requireadditional charges.

e. Delivery or shipment –

Again, delivery is usually free within the country. However, when it is outside the USA, delivery fees would apply.

3. Stress Free Ordering .

The holidays always cause massive traffic jams, andgoing out can be stressful. The great thing about living in the modern world is that you can shop and order lanyards within the comfort of your home. From making the design, choosing the materials, to paying for your orders, you can do them all online.

4. Hassle Free Delivery and Distribution .

Lanyards are small and lightweight, so they not need extra manpower for distribution. Plus, you donot need to wrap them. If you ever do need to ship them, it would not cost too much because they are compact and lightweight. Another advantage is that lanyards are not fragile. You can rest assured that your clients will receive your gifts in good condition wherever they may be.

5. Loved by the clients/recipients .

Gifts are all about making the recipients happy. Custom lanyards are fast becoming the favorite items of clients becausethey have many practical uses. They could hold both big and small objects such as IDs, keys, whistles, pens, camera, cellphones, and even water bottles. They are also somewhat fashionable;they fit casual wear anytime, and they would also not standout in a corporate environment. For a more formal look, lanyards of solid, dark colors could complement the attire of the wearer.

Have stress-free holidays thanks to custom-made lanyards. Choose the corporate gift that both you and your clients would love. Choose lanyards.

Your Personal Cheat Sheet to Buying Homes for Sale in Long Island

Countless houses are being put up for sale every single day, making the new homemaker in you get caught up in so many great choices. At the end of the day, after you’ve checked out a host of properties put up on the market, you get more and more frustrated that you can’t just choose one. If you’re one of those people who find it difficult to choose a property to buy.

Then consider this your personal cheat sheet to buying homes for sale in Long Island wherever you are in the country.

The city is one of the best places to start a new life and own a property since it’s highly urbanized but it still lends the feel of an established setting that’s definitely perfect for nurturing a family.Truth be told, searching for the best homes for sale in Long Island is not exactly rocket science. No matter how big your family is, or whatever your lifestyle, there will always be a perfect house that the market has to offer to suit your needs.

homeIf you prefer a homey, big kitchen complete with tiles, large bedrooms, or a house with a backyard pool, there is something for everyone. With the help of professional and established building contractors, your envisioned additional house amenities can be yours. The perfect community, your dream house, and the comfort of a home that you’ve always longed for can become a reality with a few simple tips that come from the experts themselves.

You’ll be glad to know that if you check out homes for sale in Long Island, you will not just find quaint, charming houses but the security and ambience that every homeowner dreams of. Have a friend or a trusted family member drive with you to check out numerous subdivisions or neighborhoods that have houses put up for sale. There are those that feature spacious basketball courts or roads that are fit for hiking or jogging if you have health buffs in the family.

Some offer clubhouses, auditoriums, public pools, and other recreational facilities for the neighborhood to use. Homes in Long Island are usually situated within a gated community and these neighborhoods are especially popular among clients who are very particular with safety and security. You can also purchase a house that’s put up for resale; just be sure that your family’s safety and your investment are not being placed in jeopardy.

Real estateThe city has various choices to offer you when it comes to checking out houses. You just have to learn how to narrow down your choices and pick out what’s best for you. Don’t forget to drive to the location of your potential houses and take a look at the façade and interior of the property.

There are those that may look very homey outside but the interior of the house may not please you. It may also be helpful if you visit your choices at different times of the day to see what the houses look like at dawn, noon, dusk, or at night. If you are planning to put up your house for resale in the future, the overall appearance plays a big role in getting reasonable market prices. Don’t stress yourself out too much when you go out shopping for houses. Enjoy, and at the end of the day, you’ll feel that you have achieved something good when you purchase a house based on your needs.

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The Different Types of Golf Clubs

If you peek inside a golf bag, you will notice that it carries multiple types of golf clubs that have varying lengths, shapes, and compositions.

In a typical game of golf, you need to have an array of clubs so that you can strike the ball and get it to where you want it to go despite the prevailing course conditions. Keep in mind that a golf course can be lined with a lot of traps. In order to surpass them, you may have to use a club that has a shorter shaft, or a larger club head. If you want to become victorious in competitions, you need to be knowledgeable about the types of clubs that you should use in different situations.

To help you out, here are some of the most basic types of golf clubs along with their functions.
1. Drivers

Golf clubAmong all the different types of golf clubs in your arsenal, this is the one that is specially made for long range attacks. Players use the driver to force the golf ball away from the tee. Drivers usually have an extremely long shaft and a slightly larger club head. Its loft is positioned at 11 degrees. This allows the players to strike the ball at a lower angle and generate a shot that can reach longer distances.

Before, drivers were made entirely from wood. But thanks to modern technology, you can now use lightweight drivers that are made from titanium and carbon fiber. This makes it easier for players to pack a powerful swing without straining their bodies.

2. Fairway Woods

Although the fairway’s appearance is quite similar with the drivers, their functions are not the same. This type of club is more commonly used to create long-range attacks on a fairway. It is specially developed to help players hit the ball accurately even if they do not use a tee.

Golfers usually bring a 3 wood or 5 woods in their games. The club head of a fairway is slightly smaller than the driver. However, its head is angled lower to increase its loft. The 3 wood usually has a loft angle that measures 17 degrees. The 5 wood, meanwhile, has 21 degrees.

3. Irons

A golfer’s bag is always replete with a lot of iron clubs. Irons have a flatter and metallic head that are contrary to the rounded edges of a driver or fairway woods. There are numerous iterations of an iron club and each has its varying shaft length and loft degrees. Irons that have a higher loft degree generate short-ranged shots that can soar very high. This is ideal when you are near a hole, or you are shooting towards the greens.

4. Wedges

Unlike irons, the loft angle of wedges can reach up to 50 degrees. You can use this to create short but extremely powerful approach shots. One of its iterations is called the sand wedge. This handy club can help players escape tricky bunkers because their loft angle can range between 54 to 58 degrees.

In addition, they also pack a lot of weight compared to a standard iron club. Another useful iteration of this club is the super lob wedge. Its loft can reach more than 64 degrees. It is commonly used for creating approach shots at extremely short distances.

To Wrap Things Up

These are just some of the basic types of golf clubs that you can use in a typical competition, for more types of golf clubs you may also visit rockbottomgolf.com. In order to become a successful golfer, it is not enough that you only master a single type of club. You need to be flexible and learn how to use most of them. This task may be a little bit difficult, but your game will surely improve once you know how to adapt to each of them.

What is a Misting Fan

 A misting fan is a device that uses an evaporative cooling method to produce a cooler environment or surroundings.It releases a water mist into the air and distributes it through the fan. Misting fans are a bit similar to humidifiers. These fans blow water mist into the surrounding air to cool the room. Misting fans are considered to be the cheaper and more energy saving alternative to an air conditioner or AC. Compared to air-conditioning systems, misting fans consume less electricity. Utilizing misting fans could save you a lot of money.

SystemMisting fans were built and created using the principles of thermal dynamics. An air conditioning (AC) systemtypically uses vapor compression refrigeration to cool the room. A misting fan, on the other hand, uses theevaporative cooling technique to ease you from scorching summer heat. It generally uses evaporation to lower the temperature and cool the air. Evaporation, as what we have learned in grade school, is a process where heat is applied to water to transform it from liquid to vapor. This same principle is used in an evaporative cooling technique. Evaporative coolers or misting fans uses a pump that circulates water from the water bank to moisten the cooling pad. The fan then draws the air from the surroundings through the moistened cooling pad. As the air passes through the moistened pad, the air is quickly cooled down by evaporation. This is the reason why the air temperature in the room or surroundings becomes cooler. Generally, if you want the room to be cooler, you have to evaporate more water.However, a lot of state of the art misting fans that are available in the market today uses very little amount of water and produces the same cooling effect.

The cooling effect of misting fans depends on its pressure. High pressure misting fans are best if you want to a much lower temperature. High pressure misting fans use very high pressure water that produces fine water droplets. This makes it easier for the mist to evaporate into the air. Generally, the more mist you evaporate, the cooler the room will be.

righit One of the advantages of a misting fan is that you can use it outdoors. Misting fans are used in places that have a more tropical climate. You have probably seen misting fans in a large football arena or an open venue concert. You can use the misting fan on your patio, in your backyard, and you could also use it inside your room. You can also use it in your pool area and even in your garage. A lot of commercial buildings and establishments such as hotels and restaurants use misting fans. Misting fans are also used in warehouses, dairy, equestrian facilities, theme parks, and resorts. You can also use misting fans on farms and in greenhouses. There was even a study conducted about the effects of the evaporative cooling produced by misting fans on the micro climate of a green house. The study shows that the use of misting fans helps farmers grow crops such as cauliflowers and chili.

There are many types of misting fans. You can choose which one is the best for you. There are lots of portable, ceiling mount, satellite, and pole misting fans on the market today. Misting fans come in different sizes, colors, and they are made of different materials. There are fans that are designed for industrial and commercial use while others are designed for home use.

In this age of global warming when the heat of summer is close to unbearable, we need cooling systems like a misting fan to relieve us from the scorching heat