The Different Types of Golf Clubs

If you peek inside a golf bag, you will notice that it carries multiple types of golf clubs that have varying lengths, shapes, and compositions.

In a typical game of golf, you need to have an array of clubs so that you can strike the ball and get it to where you want it to go despite the prevailing course conditions. Keep in mind that a golf course can be lined with a lot of traps. In order to surpass them, you may have to use a club that has a shorter shaft, or a larger club head. If you want to become victorious in competitions, you need to be knowledgeable about the types of clubs that you should use in different situations.

To help you out, here are some of the most basic types of golf clubs along with their functions.
1. Drivers

Golf clubAmong all the different types of golf clubs in your arsenal, this is the one that is specially made for long range attacks. Players use the driver to force the golf ball away from the tee. Drivers usually have an extremely long shaft and a slightly larger club head. Its loft is positioned at 11 degrees. This allows the players to strike the ball at a lower angle and generate a shot that can reach longer distances.

Before, drivers were made entirely from wood. But thanks to modern technology, you can now use lightweight drivers that are made from titanium and carbon fiber. This makes it easier for players to pack a powerful swing without straining their bodies.

2. Fairway Woods

Although the fairway’s appearance is quite similar with the drivers, their functions are not the same. This type of club is more commonly used to create long-range attacks on a fairway. It is specially developed to help players hit the ball accurately even if they do not use a tee.

Golfers usually bring a 3 wood or 5 woods in their games. The club head of a fairway is slightly smaller than the driver. However, its head is angled lower to increase its loft. The 3 wood usually has a loft angle that measures 17 degrees. The 5 wood, meanwhile, has 21 degrees.

3. Irons

A golfer’s bag is always replete with a lot of iron clubs. Irons have a flatter and metallic head that are contrary to the rounded edges of a driver or fairway woods. There are numerous iterations of an iron club and each has its varying shaft length and loft degrees. Irons that have a higher loft degree generate short-ranged shots that can soar very high. This is ideal when you are near a hole, or you are shooting towards the greens.

4. Wedges

Unlike irons, the loft angle of wedges can reach up to 50 degrees. You can use this to create short but extremely powerful approach shots. One of its iterations is called the sand wedge. This handy club can help players escape tricky bunkers because their loft angle can range between 54 to 58 degrees.

In addition, they also pack a lot of weight compared to a standard iron club. Another useful iteration of this club is the super lob wedge. Its loft can reach more than 64 degrees. It is commonly used for creating approach shots at extremely short distances.

To Wrap Things Up

These are just some of the basic types of golf clubs that you can use in a typical competition, for more types of golf clubs you may also visit In order to become a successful golfer, it is not enough that you only master a single type of club. You need to be flexible and learn how to use most of them. This task may be a little bit difficult, but your game will surely improve once you know how to adapt to each of them.