What is a Misting Fan

 A misting fan is a device that uses an evaporative cooling method to produce a cooler environment or surroundings.It releases a water mist into the air and distributes it through the fan. Misting fans are a bit similar to humidifiers. These fans blow water mist into the surrounding air to cool the room. Misting fans are considered to be the cheaper and more energy saving alternative to an air conditioner or AC. Compared to air-conditioning systems, misting fans consume less electricity. Utilizing misting fans could save you a lot of money.

SystemMisting fans were built and created using the principles of thermal dynamics. An air conditioning (AC) systemtypically uses vapor compression refrigeration to cool the room. A misting fan, on the other hand, uses theevaporative cooling technique to ease you from scorching summer heat. It generally uses evaporation to lower the temperature and cool the air. Evaporation, as what we have learned in grade school, is a process where heat is applied to water to transform it from liquid to vapor. This same principle is used in an evaporative cooling technique. Evaporative coolers or misting fans uses a pump that circulates water from the water bank to moisten the cooling pad. The fan then draws the air from the surroundings through the moistened cooling pad. As the air passes through the moistened pad, the air is quickly cooled down by evaporation. This is the reason why the air temperature in the room or surroundings becomes cooler. Generally, if you want the room to be cooler, you have to evaporate more water.However, a lot of state of the art misting fans that are available in the market today uses very little amount of water and produces the same cooling effect.

The cooling effect of misting fans depends on its pressure. High pressure misting fans are best if you want to a much lower temperature. High pressure misting fans use very high pressure water that produces fine water droplets. This makes it easier for the mist to evaporate into the air. Generally, the more mist you evaporate, the cooler the room will be.

righit One of the advantages of a misting fan is that you can use it outdoors. Misting fans are used in places that have a more tropical climate. You have probably seen misting fans in a large football arena or an open venue concert. You can use the misting fan on your patio, in your backyard, and you could also use it inside your room. You can also use it in your pool area and even in your garage. A lot of commercial buildings and establishments such as hotels and restaurants use misting fans. Misting fans are also used in warehouses, dairy, equestrian facilities, theme parks, and resorts. You can also use misting fans on farms and in greenhouses. There was even a study conducted about the effects of the evaporative cooling produced by misting fans on the micro climate of a green house. The study shows that the use of misting fans helps farmers grow crops such as cauliflowers and chili.

There are many types of misting fans. You can choose which one is the best for you. There are lots of portable, ceiling mount, satellite, and pole misting fans on the market today. Misting fans come in different sizes, colors, and they are made of different materials. There are fans that are designed for industrial and commercial use while others are designed for home use.

In this age of global warming when the heat of summer is close to unbearable, we need cooling systems like a misting fan to relieve us from the scorching heat