5 Reasons Why Custom Lanyards Would Make Great Corporate Give Away

Whether it’s Thanks giving or the Christmas holidays, custom lanyards would make great gifts or tokens to your loyal clients and patrons. Here are five reasons why.

1. Custom lanyards are highly personalized.

custom lanyardsYou can design your lanyards in such a way that clients would see your personal touch on each one of them.They would appreciate how you have taken the time and effort to make individualized gifts for them. One could just buy anything ready-made from any store.However, a customized gift just seems more special. It relays the message that the business owner appreciates the client’s patronage of his goods and/or services. It sends the messagethat your company values your clients. This in turn, would make the clients patronize your business more. It’s a win-win solution for both parties.

2. Affordable.

Although you want the best for your clients, you also want value for your money. Custom lanyards are easy on the pocket butstill very effective in making the clients know that they are valued. The prices of lanyards would vary according to the following factors:

a. Quantity of order –

As the case in most trading, the more the order, the cheaper the price. Ordersusually starts at 100 piecesandgohave as much as 5000 pieces. Here’s a tip:since custom lanyards are not perishable, it would be best to order in bulk. You could always store the excess and ordering in bulk would save a lot of money in the long run. It would actually cost you more when you order in smallbatches.

b. Type of prints –

All lanyard prints are supposed to be fade-proof. However, not all prints look the same. Some look better than others. There are types of prints that could cater to special characters,somewouldeven contain photos. You can choose from different printing methods, from hot stamping, screen printing, embossed, full color, laser, fabric woven prints, and dye sublimated.

c. Materials of the lanyards –

Lanyards also come in different materials. They could be made out of polyester, nylon cord, or cotton.

d. Time of delivery–

Lanyard companies usually require two weeks from placement of job order to delivery. However, if it is a rush job, they could deliver earlier but it would requireadditional charges.

e. Delivery or shipment –

Again, delivery is usually free within the country. However, when it is outside the USA, delivery fees would apply.

3. Stress Free Ordering .

The holidays always cause massive traffic jams, andgoing out can be stressful. The great thing about living in the modern world is that you can shop and order lanyards within the comfort of your home. From making the design, choosing the materials, to paying for your orders, you can do them all online.

4. Hassle Free Delivery and Distribution .

Lanyards are small and lightweight, so they not need extra manpower for distribution. Plus, you donot need to wrap them. If you ever do need to ship them, it would not cost too much because they are compact and lightweight. Another advantage is that lanyards are not fragile. You can rest assured that your clients will receive your gifts in good condition wherever they may be.

5. Loved by the clients/recipients .

Gifts are all about making the recipients happy. Custom lanyards are fast becoming the favorite items of clients becausethey have many practical uses. They could hold both big and small objects such as IDs, keys, whistles, pens, camera, cellphones, and even water bottles. They are also somewhat fashionable;they fit casual wear anytime, and they would also not standout in a corporate environment. For a more formal look, lanyards of solid, dark colors could complement the attire of the wearer.

Have stress-free holidays thanks to custom-made lanyards. Choose the corporate gift that both you and your clients would love. Choose lanyards.